Spoon presents
School Fee Discounting

At Spoon, we believe that everyone is
equally entitled towards education.
Striding towards our goal, we present
School Fee Discounting, our credit-friendly approach towards accessible education.

The Future is Credit

Why stress about paying a lump sum on your school fees when you can make use of credit and pay your fees the smart way? Say goodbye to the tedium of manual payments and long queues. Secure your future with our credit based payment system. Pay your school fees via instalments directly through our portal.

The Key To Credit Friendly, Accessible Education
  • Pay your annual education fees in bite-sized instalments
  • Avail a 0% interest plan on your payment
  • Build an impressive credit score
Here’s how you can Enroll
  • Apply Online through our portal and submit your KYC details.
  • Get Instant Eligibility
  • Digitally Sign our Agreement
  • Pay your instalments to your educational institute!
We dote on our partners.

Are you an education provider? You are empowering generations to come and we admire your mission! Partner with us and escape the tedium of fee collection, and attract more admissions through our innovative payment strategy. On top of that, earn exciting rewards for being our educational partner.

Earn Exciting Offers and Rewards

Hurry! The offer is valid only for the first 100,000 customers!.

Question 1

How can I avail School Fee Discounting?

You can avail our School Fee Discounting if you are a parent/guardian of a student studying in our partner Institute or any other institute that’s listed on our form.

Question 2

What if my Institute is not one of the partners?

You can avail our plans to pay your fees in monthly instalments. Mention your institute’s name in our application form to get access to our monthly payment plans.

Question 3

What are the benefits of a secured credit card?

  • Helps you build your credit score
  • Earns interest on your deposited funds
  • Reward points for making payments
  • Benefits of Revolving Credit, allowing you to pay back in full or in part and carry forward outstanding balances to the next billing cycle
Question 4

How does a secured credit card help build my credit score?

A secured card is meant for those who are looking to improve or build up their credit score from scratch. Making payments on time, maintaining sufficient balance and avoiding overspending can all contribute to your creditworthiness, thus allowing you to apply for a regular credit card or loans in the future.

Question 5

Can I be rejected for a secured credit card?

Nope, Spoon First will not deny you a credit card irrespective of whether or not you have a credit score. However, if you happen to have a pattern of late payments, a bankruptcy record, or other suspicious activities, your card could be rejected/cancelled.