Spoon presents

A product tailor-made for the small-scale farmers in the country, Spoon offers the best agro-loans for all your lending woes. Fund your seasonal operations with a loan cycle designed specifically to align with your crop cycle, and that too, with no strings attached.

Our Lending Solution

Our Impact Card is suited for your short-term, need-based financial needs for the agricultural sector. By integrating personalised agro-financial solutions with state-of-the art technology, we bring to you the perfect lending solution for your farming needs.

Ongoing Monitoring and Assistance pre, during and post loan cycles
  • Your Own Plan
    Enjoy a personalised financial assistance based on the cost of cultivation at low credit ratings.
  • Crop Cycle Monitoring and Support We offer continuous support and monitoring throughout different stages of the crop cycle
  • Digitalised Onboarding
    Sign up for top-notch digitised customer onboarding, credit appraisal and documentation processes.

  • Credit Enhancement
    Avail data analytics driven credit assessment and restructuring of existing credit.
Stolen Card scare?
Say no more.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card with just one click on the app
  • You’re in complete control: Easy toggling between contactless payments, swipes, online transactions and ATM withdrawals .
One destination for all your agricultural needs

With our agro credit card, say goodbye to your woes on financing your agricultural requirements. We bring to you personalised agro-financial solutions backed by the latest technology for a hassle free agro-credit experience. Manage all your spending history and subscriptions under the umbrella of Spoon Impact.

Psst Psst... did we mention that you get rewards for everything?

That’s not all. These rewards can convert into great offers and cash-backs which are actually useful. All this while building a strong credit score which will reap benefits in the long run.

Question 1

How is a credit card different from a debit card?

Simply speaking, a debit card allows you to draw on the funds you’ve already deposited in your account, while a credit card allows you to borrow money up to a pre-set limit be it for withdrawals or expenditures.

Question 2

What is a secured credit card?

A secured credit card is backed by a deposit that is used as collateral. Your credit limit will be determined as a percentage of your deposit, else, will function just as a normal credit card does.

Question 3

What are the benefits of a secured credit card?

  • Helps you build your credit score
  • Earns interest on your deposited funds
  • Reward points for making payments
  • Benefits of Revolving Credit, allowing you to pay back in full or in part and carry forward outstanding balances to the next billing cycle
Question 4

How does a secured credit card help build my credit score?

A secured card is meant for those who are looking to improve or build up their credit score from scratch. Making payments on time, maintaining sufficient balance and avoiding overspending can all contribute to your creditworthiness, thus allowing you to apply for a regular credit card or loans in the future.

Question 5

Can I be rejected for a secured credit card?

Nope, Spoon First will not deny you a credit card irrespective of whether or not you have a credit score. However, if you happen to have a pattern of late payments, a bankruptcy record, or other suspicious activities, your card could be rejected/cancelled.

    Join hands with us in our venture to create a holistic development and positive impact on the agricultural sector and agro-finance!

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