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Spoon presents the path to building credit history like no other - Exclusively for Young Millennials & GenZ. We use modern tech to enable you to build secure credit, stay away from unnecessary debt, and help with responsible spends.

Learn the art of spending responsibly

View all transactions, track your expenses: All in one app which will guide you to save money and avoid unwanted spends.

Build your credit score like a pro! No credit history required with us!
  • Begin building your credit history the right way with Spoon. You don't even need a credit score to apply!
  • Analytical data driven insights to help you make informed decisions about your credit score
  • Manage your profile and gain beneficial ways to build your score
Stolen Card scare?
Say no more.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card with just one click on the app
  • You’re in complete control: Easy toggling between contactless payments, swipes, online transactions and ATM withdrawals .
One destination for all your subscription needs

Want uninterrupted binge watch sessions with Netflix or listen to never ending music with Spotify or want access to a never ending list of great food via Zomato?
Whatever be your cravings, we have got all your subscriptions under one roof.

Psst Psst... did we mention that you get rewards for everything?

That’s not all. These rewards can convert into great offers and cash-backs which are actually useful. All this while building a strong credit score which will reap benefits in the long run.

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